Inner Tube Package


Inner tube package includes:

  • Pump
  • Adult-Universal Lifejacket*

*To make sure the provided life jacket fits, check our sizing guide here:
Select and Fit Your Life Jacket


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How To Inflate Your Tube
Prior to inflating the inner tube, make sure the valve stem is closed (stem up).  To close it, push down the stem within the valve with your thumb, twist clockwise, and let the spring pop up.  When the valve stem is up, it’s a one-way valve – air can be pumped in through the valve, but it can’t escape.

Now, take the pump and attach the free end of the pump hose to the valve. Orient the hand pump so you can read the PSI gauge located on the top of the pump.  Once you begin inflating the inner tube, you’ll want the PSI gauge to reach 2.5.

Once you think the board is fully inflated, take a minute break, then proceed to give it 5-10 more pumps.  This might seem unnecessary, but as soon as your inner tube enters the cold water the air constricts, and your inner tube will be less rigid.

How to Deflate Your Tube
Prior to deflating the inner tube, make sure the valve area is dry, so water doesn’t get inside the inner tube when you open the valve.  To open the valve, press down and turn the valve stem counter-clockwise to get it to lock in the down position.

Once the valve is down, you can roll up the inner tube, which will force the air to run out the valve. Once you’ve got all the air out and the inner tube rolled up, push down and twist clockwise on the valve stem.

How to Pack and Return
Before placing anything back into the locker, make sure all items are clean and dry*.  Hang your life jacket on the hook inside the locker and place the pump and rolled-up inner tube on the locker floor.  Once you shut the locker door, don’t forget to scramble the padlock before you leave.

*Gear that is dirty and/or wet will incur additional cleaning fees.