Life Jacket Sizing Guide

Prior to spending a day on the water, it is vital that you select and fit your life jacket correctly by following the steps below and watching the video link provided.  If you are unsure of how to follow the outlined steps or are unable to properly fit a lifejacket to your sizing needs – please do not proceed with rental (if you have already purchased your rental, call (307) 264-2777 to cancel).  We apologize if this causes any inconvenience!


All SUP and innertube rentals come with one adult-universal life jacket. If you require a smaller or larger size, please select one on the website and proceed through the check-out process to receive your locker number and access code.


  1. Position & Buckle | Prior to putting your life jacket on, make sure all straps are completely loosened.  Put your life jacket on and position at mid-torso, with bottom buckle below the rib cage.  Starting from the bottom and working your way up, fasten all buckles.    Note: that bottom buckle is critical to preventing ride up; it helps “anchor” the life jacket.
  2. Adjust Waist Straps | Tighten the waist straps by pulling forward on both sides at the same time, working from the bottom straps to the top straps.
  3. Adjust Shoulder Straps | Tighten the shoulder straps by pulling forward on both sides at the same time until you reach a snug fit.  You want the life jacket to maintain that mid-torso positioning, with the bottom buckle remaining below your ribcage.
  4. Test | Test the fit by raising your arms and having someone lift up on the shoulder straps. If the life jacket slides up your torso, try re-tightening the bottom adjustment strap. If it still rides up, you may need a different size. Wear the life jacket for a few minutes, testing your comfort level by moving your arms like you are paddling.

Make sure you always wear your life jacket when you are on or near water, your life depends on it!

Lifejacket Sizing Guide

How To Fit Your Lifejacket