About GearGrab

What is Geargrab?

GearGrab is a self-service outdoor gear rental company, designed to create a more flexible and affordable rental experience for all!  Our rentals are completely facilitated online and pick-ups/returns are completed at local locker hubs.  Our goal is to reinvent the rental process, so more people are able to experience and enjoy the outdoors!

Maintenance & Cleaning

How often do you inspect the rental gear?

After every rental is returned, we thoroughly check each item to make sure the next rental is as fun and safe as the first!  Our procedures include checking all materials for rips and tears, inflating all SUPs and tubes to ensure PSI levels are maintained, buckling all the buckles, pumping the pumps, cleaning all products, and more!

How often is rental gear cleaned?

After every rental is returned, we thoroughly clean each product with disinfectants that have been specified for the material and use of each item.


What happens if I lose or damage an item?

We understand there will be a certain level of wear on rental items.  However, significant damage, lost items, and theft are not covered.  In those cases, you will be charged full retail price for the items, not including the rental fees for the maximum amount of rental days allotted.  For more information, please read our terms and conditions.

What if an item is damaged when I pick up my rental?

We hope this never happens, but if it does – please give us a call immediately to report the damage prior to use.  Failing to report the damage will result in additional fees related to the damage.

Can I schedule my rental ahead of time?

Our rentals are designed to provide the greatest amount of flexibility for our users.  For that reason, we do not schedule rentals ahead of time.  This means our renters can decide how long they’d like their gear on the fly and without late fees.


What gear do you offer?

We currently offer SUPs, innertubes, drybags, and PFDs.

Do you rent infant or child PFDs?

We currently do not offer infant or child PFDs.

What is the USCG classification of your PFDs?

All of Geargrabs PFDs fall under USGC classification type V.


What form of payments are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards, but we’re unable to accept cash.

Is your payment method secure?

Yes, we use Stripe to process all payments.

When will my card be charged?

Your card will be charged within 24 hours of returning your gear.

Can I pay for my rental with more than one credit or debit card?

No, we are unable to split payment methods at this time.

Contact Us

How do I contact Geargrab?

– Email:  [email protected]

– Call:  1 (812) 431-8312